Far Cry Primal PC Game Free Download

Far Cry Primal Game is an action-adventure Installment free to play from the end of Feb 2016. It has out there for free of charge to download when one month of its release once far Cry Primal. This is often the 5th entry within the far Cry franchise and has a fully different story arc from its forerunner. However it has pre served the open world sandbox vogue gameplay and created vital enhancements to the game engine in a way. The game can only be free on the most recent generation of PlayStation and Xbox and on Microsoft Windows.

Far Cry Primal Game Download For PC


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The game takes plays some 12,000 years back within the past to the Stone Age, wherever big elephants and tigers roamed the earth. This is often the time once humans had to fight for survival against different humans and also from the force of nature. The game is being developed by Ubisoft metropolis. It has an “M” tag for mature rating as a result of the violent and sexual nature of the game.

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The main theme of this game is Takkar, who is a hunter by profession. He’s stuck within the fictional depression of Oros, which was once covered by ice. He’s stuck there as he’s ambushed alongside his fellow hunters and has not any tools or weapons of any kind. Takkar discovers that he has a distinctive talent of taming animals that he can use to realize power and take command of his tribe. The biggest distinction during this far Cry game won’t have a multiplayer mode that was a well-liked feature in way Cry III and IV. Far Cry Primal Game download link is give below for your easiness!

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According to Ubisoft, far Cry Primal crack is a lot of focused only on the gameplay and graphics, thus multiplayer wasn’t included. Additionally to it, since the game relies within the Stone Age, there’ll be no vehicles or guns and automatic weapons of any type. Players will only use battle royal weapons like spears and axes or weapons with short-range sort of a bow. These weapons cannot be bought from a store. Instead, they need to be crafted and created by utilizing stuff found within the game world like wood and stones. As you advance any into the sport, you’ll be able to get completely different resources and build a lot of dangerous weapons. To feature to the realism, players need to search and hunt their food and should learn the way to ignite a fire.

FarCryPrimal Game Features:

  • Single-Player the only unique features than other games like voice city etc.
  • Fast Installation, no hassle, no wait for long loading setup, no further plugins need to download during installation.
  • No Errors: error free play the game with ease and enjoy.
  •  This game is a complete package of enjoyment for game lovers as it presents the old incent days (Stone Age).
  • No Virus: no hacking, virus toolbars and bad links added in game, so you can trusted it.
  • Working in any operation system: Like MS Windows, Linux, Mac book etc. on these OS Far Cry Primal will work fine.

Far Cry Primal Game System Requirements:

  • CPU (Central Processing Unit) = Intel Core i3 Or Higher
  • RAM (Random Access Memory) = 4 GB
  • Processor  = 3.0 GHz
  • Video Memory (Graphics Card) = 1 GB
  • Total HDD Space Required  = 18 GB
  • OS = Windows XP, Windows 7/8/10 And (32+64 Bit)
  • Keyboard + Mouse


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